Lady Tina Green

Lady Tina Green was born in London but moved to the Far East as a child, where her father, Stuart Paine, worked for Caldbeck MacGregor Ltd. The firm was established in 1864 and was the largest and best known in the wine and spirit trade in the Far East. They had branches in Glasgow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore and emerged as the leading wine and spirits business.

She was educated in Hong Kong and moved to South Africa where she set up a clothing Boutique in Johannesburg. She had two children with her late husband and later moved to London in 1980 where she opened a boutique on Sloane Street.

In 1990 she re-married. Her husband bought Lewis’s where she helped expand the home store side of the business. Her passion for Interior Design grew from there. During this period she established her Interior Design Business where she worked on world wide projects.

In 1998 she moved to Monaco and became a board member for the International School of Monaco where she was actively involved in the fund raising for the school for over a decade.

In 1999 the launch of a Benetti 50 meter that she designed was the start of her Interior Design career in Monaco. Since then she has built and designed 12 yachts for clients and her own family. She met her business partner, Pietro Mingarelli, 13 years ago. They opened their Monaco company Green & Mingarelli Design in 2015.

Eight years ago they were commissioned to design and manufacture Lalique Maison which has more than 450 pieces of furniture in its collection.  The pieces are sold in Lalique stores all over the world. Green & Mingarelli designed two hotels, Villa Rene Lalique in Wingen, Strasbourg and Lafaurie-Peyraguey in Bommes, Bordeaux owned by Lalique. They received the Prix Villegiature Award for the best Bathroom and Restaurant Design in Europe.

In their portfolio they have built and designed houses in the United States and London, including aircrafts, helicopters and yachts. Most recently they launched the 90 meter motor yacht Lionheart. Currently in Monaco Green & Mingarelli are working on a complete re-development and interior of the renowned Sass Café which will be opening In March 2019.

Lady Green is passionate about supporting charities both in Monaco and across the world. She is the Grand Ocean Sponsor for the Fondation Prince Albert II and is on the board for the Princess Charlene Foundation and Grace Penn Medicine.

In 2017 Lady Green was awarded the Chevalier Ordre Des Grimaldi. The Order rewards personal service to the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, it is awarded on the sole discretion of the Grand-Master, currently Albert II, Prince of Monaco.