Life with Spirit

What is behind the moto of our Club?

One could believe that it is nothing but playing around the words “spirit” and “spirits”. Well, it is not the case. Spirits are irrevocable part of our cultural heritage and the story behind them is deeply connected to the history of humanity. The best of them would represent the essence of the national character, to some extent – the Spirit of the Nation! And that is the way we study them, that is the way we fill feel them and that is the way we follow the traditions of our countries. To keep this Sprit, to cultivate and promote it, is our prime objective! And Monaco, where one can find more exceptional characters of great quality and different cultural roots per sq. meter, than probably in any other country in the world, is simply the ideal place for such a mission.

The other key point of our philosophy is “The Spirit of Sharing “. The Spirit of Sharing is not just about sharing the great moments of life with our friends and beloved, but also about sharing with those who are living tough life all over the globe. And this is the direction we are following our Grand Master – H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, whose dedication made Monaco important European center for Philanthropy and Charity.

Last but not least – “The Preservation of the Spirit “. All the spirits do have not only cultural, but also “terroir“ roots . And what is the “terroir”, if not the essence of Nature itself?! That is why the preservation of Nature is so important to us, and that is why we are so inspired by the personal role of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, as well as of Monaco’s role under his lead in general, in the Global Attempt for Preservation of our Planet!

That is what we believe in and that is the philosophy behind our moto and Monaco Keepers of the Spirit organization.

Mark Kaufman,

President of Monaco Whisky & Spirits Club